Protection from HFMD

1.Daily floor cleaning with disinfectants during and after service hours.

2.Rides and zones are cleaned daily with disinfectants.

3.Air purifiers with disinfecting filtration systems are used throughout the playland.

4.Daily cleaning of wristbands with alcohol.

5.Weekly cleaning of lockers with disinfectants.

6.Body temperature is measured from all visitors before entering playland premises.

7.Antibacterial hand gels are placed at play zones.

8.All day cleaning of bathroom facilities.

9.Staff are alerted about the prevention and protection of Hand,Foot & Mouth Disease.

Mug Painting Workshop

IMAGINIANs would like to invite you to join our “Mug Painting” workshop. 

Blast out your imagination. Create the one and only mug for yourself or your friends!

See you at IMAGINIA’s workshop zone from 11th February to 15th March 2019.


Special privilege for IMAGINIA's members!

Use the coupon in your passport at Art Cabin 

to create your own IMAGINIA board game from today to 31 August 2019.

Come join us, bring the super fun board game back home to enjoy with your family!

Mini Plant Mini Pot

Did you know that the 5th of June every year is World Environment day? 


Let's be a part to save our planet by growing your own plant in "Mini Plant Mini Pot" workshop!

From this workshop you will also get a mini pot painted by you.

We are waiting for you at IMAGINIA playland from 1st - 30th June 2019. See you! 


Let's save the world by reduce using plastic bags and use the reusable one instead.

Don't have any reusable bags? Not to worry! 

Come and make one of your own in "DIY Canvas Bag" workshop.

Join us at IMAGINIA playland from 1st - 30th June 2019.

Say no to plastic bag!